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Your challenge

Active in the field of Big Data, Sofia uses machine learning techniques to take along its users in their daily management of stress and tiredness at work.

We are currently looking for a software engineer who is ready to step into the startup scene and together with us build an awesome product !

You will first work on creating a clean database to fill up with health related data collected from software and hardware APIs. Then you'll deal with everything from data model design to making the user experience amazing working with the UX/UI team. The starting point will be focused on our desktop/mobile app and collecting data. Later you will go into building machine learning algorythms based on our various field professionals experience.

If you think challenges are fun and appreciate working with an inspired positive team who is going for it, then joining us for an internship will give you a great time every day, take you places and keep you challenged. We believe in positive vibes, the art of asking and that you have to dare to succeed.

Recommended skills

- Talented developer with a little experience thanks to side-projects.
- You know about HTML5/CSS3/Javascripts/AngularJS/NodeJS
- Ability and willingness to learn fast.
- Good architectural sense and a passion for high-quality code.
- Great understanding of machine learning, deep learning, AI, REST APIs.
- Technical curiosity and enthusiasm to move around the stack.
- Experience with POSTGRE SQL database.
- Experience with IONIC technology is an enormous asset.
- French is mandatory, english a strong asset. Any other language is also an asset.

Why you should apply

- Great team that is passionate about sustainable health and management.
- Exciting opportunities in an exponential growth market.
- Ability to discuss and get experience with senior software engineer.
- Possible chance to join the team after internship or graduation.
- Traveling for development sprints.

  • Date: 24.08.2017
  • Category: Coding
  • Job title: Software Engineer
  • Place: Arlon
  • Starting: Sept./Oct.

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Spontaneous application

If you don't suit to any opened position, feel free to sends us a spontaneous application.
Try to be innovative and funny, we love that !

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